How To Get A Job That Deals With Horses

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Getting a job working with horses is a dream for many people; therefore it is competitive to land a full time job in the industry. What sets an individual apart, is education and experience. Here are some tips on how to land a job that deals with horses. Be Passionate To be accepted for a […]

YouTube for Schools

Using YouTube To Promote Your School

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YouTube has become a great avenue for promoting business, clubs, and organizations.   With the availability of information now through Google Trends YouTube stats you can find important keywords, phrases, and content of videos that have attracted viewers.  The media outreach of video allows viewers of all ages to get a better understanding of who you […]


Going to School to Become a Nurse

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It’s important to understand that a successful career as a nurse takes more than a good education. Not all personality types are suited for this type of job and if you go in with unrealistic expectations your job satisfaction may be at stake. For example, individuals who are naturally patient with others or able to […]